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About Cindy Bell

Cindy Bell is a proud Alabamian, and she is running because Alabama needs new leaders. She wants to end Montgomery’s culture of corruption, invest in Alabama’s next generation, and find solutions to problems facing Alabama’s hard working, middle class families. Cindy grew up in northeast Alabama, where she learned the


  • Sen. Waggoner doesn't have a plan to improve our economy. We need a new leader. I have a plan. I'm ready to lead. #cindyforsenate
  • My experience in the Army Reserves taught me discipline and taught me to persevere when the going gets tough. #cindyforsenate
  • Senator Waggoner isn't getting the job done. While the nation is experiencing a recovery, Alabama is falling behind. #cindyforsenate
  • My 3-Point plan will Invest in Alabama: Reduce red tape, Invest in technical training, and give small businesses tax breaks. #cindyforsenate
  • Unemployment is up. Jobs are down. Uncertainty is up. Security is down. Senator Waggoner isn't getting the job done. #cindyforsenate
  • Stay tuned for live tweets from our "Invest in Alabama" press conference @ 1:30. #cindyforsenate
  • Senator Waggoner isn't getting the job done. Alabama's job growth is nearly the worst in the nation. #cindyforsenate
  • It's time for new ideas. You deserve a State Senator who will work for you. #cindyforsenate

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